ROOF'S INSTALLED - One nail at a time

Wooster Roofing believes strongly in hand nailing our roofs. We never use nailing guns. In no way do you get the same quality work as you do with a hammer. Over the years we have seen many problems associated with nailing guns. Often times, a high pressure on the gun makes the nail rip partially or completely through the shingle leading to blow offs and premature roof failure. We have also seen workmen going so fast with a nailing gun that the nails were
improperly placed also leading to blow offs and roof failure. You do get a faster installation with a roof gun but you sacrifice quality. Another problem is when the air pressure is too low and the nail doesn't go in far enough leading to
raised shingles and unsightly bumps. Eventually, the nails pop through the shingles, causing leaks. An improperly installed roof will void the manufacturer's warranty. Installing the roof by hand ensures that each nail is properly placed and driven.

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Shingles blown off due to improper nailing

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