If you live in New England chances are you’ve probably had some ice back up or know someone who’s been affected by it.

When conditions are right with a lot of snow on the roof and extreme cold outside ice dams start to build. Heat loss from the living space escapes into the attic and melts the blanket of snow from the inside. The melted snow freezes at the eave causing an ice dam to form. With additional melting snow a pond of water builds up behind the ice dam. This ponded water eventually backs up under the roof causing leaks and can lead to extensive damage.

Short term, the only way to stop the water from coming into the building is to remove the ice dam and snow from the roof. Our experienced crews stand at the ready to remove snow and ice dams from your roof.

The key to stopping ice back up is to keep the heat in the living space by having good insulation and to replace any heat lost into the attic with cold air. Ridge and soffit vents  keep your attic cold. Ice and water barriers can also be installed under the roof as a last resort effort to keep the water out.

Wooster Roofing is an expert at attic ventilation. Our ridge vent of choice is Shinglevent II by Air Vent Inc. Over the years we have used other types of ridge vents and found Shinglevent II to be the best. Combined with soffit vents under the overhang this is the best way to ventilate your roof for winter moisture and summer heat.

Our ice barrier of choice is Grace Ice and Water Shield by Grace Construction Products. Its rubberized asphalt formulation provides superior laps and seals around fasteners for a watertight installation.

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